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A Knight of Passion Release PARTY

On July 25 I held a Release Party to celebrate my debut novel. Wow, what a riot that was. I had a great time chatting with readers, posting excerpts, giving away prizes and more. We sent over 400 emails back and forth throughout the day.

Congratulations to the following WINNERS of the Release Party:

Jennifer Yates - won an autographed AKOP T-shirt plus goodies.

Linda H. - won a 25" x 35" poster of AKOP’s cover plus goodies.

Jessy Harris - won AKOP Coffee Mug plus goodies.

Valerie Bongards - won a Baron Pen & AKOP Note Pad plus goodies.

Congrats Ladies! Enjoy your prizes.

I would like to thank everyone who joined me for the party at my Yahoo Group Chat, and look forward to doing it again with my next release.

A Knight of Passion is Now Available

Yeah! AKOP is now available from in various ebook formats. I can’t believe it! It only took seven years to finally get published. Dreams can come true.

"It’s fast, passionate and dramatic."
~Jo Beverley, NY Times Bestselling Author

"vibrant... exciting... I think you have a great voice for this!"
~Teresa Medeiros, NY Times Bestselling Author Featured Author

And thanks to the good folk at Ecataromance for having me as a featured author as well. They said such nice things about me and my book.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

HRC Featured Author

Not only did I do an interview with HRC, but I was also a featured author. Below is cool screen shot, check it out.

My First Author Interview

I’m so excited. I did my first author interview with Historical Romance Club. Below is the complete interview. Enjoy! (But I warn ya, it’s a long one. *grin*)

HRC: What made you decide to become an author, let alone decide to write romance?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a writer. Of course I wanted to be a rock star, an actress, and a model as well, but those dreams quickly died when it was discovered I had no talent. *grin* Yet, at a very early age I was writing: poetry, short stories, and love songs (ugh). Whether I had talent for writing back then, I have no idea. But it wasn't until I was 19 years old that I finally found my passion for writing novels. I suffered a terrible tragedy when my closest friend died in a car accident on his 19th birthday - and I was never the same again. I was so filled with grief that I needed an outlet, so I turned to writing. I wrote a short story, which my father read. He was so impressed (and he is not easily impressed), that he encouraged me to turn it into a novel. Which I did, turning the story from a comic book to a fantasy adventure epic. And so was the beginning of my novel writing career."

"As can sometimes happen, my inspiration for the fantasy epic (consisting of two novels) petered out. I spent several years of my life aimlessly wandering (mentally, emotionally, etc.) looking for that something which would fill me with passion instead of boredom. (I'm a Gemini, so I need constant stimuli.) During this time I started reading historical romances again. (I read my first romance when I was 14, but then was ‘encouraged’ to stop during high school.) I was quite excited to discover the genre again. That is, until I picked up a new novel from an author who was an old favourite of mine. I was shocked at how lifeless it was. It was like she had lost all interest and was now writing only for the sake of making money. After reading this disappointing book, I thought to myself ‘I bet I can write a better story’. And the rest as they say is history. Did I write a story better than her? I haven't a clue. But one thing I did discover: it was much harder than I ever imagined."

HRC: What did you do before you took to writing? Do you have an interesting or humorous story you would like to share with us from any of your prior occupations?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Humorous? Actually my jobs were pretty boring and followed along the norm. Girl has to go get job, girl gets harassed by her employer, girl quits job. Girl gets new job, girl works for a year and a half for pion wages, girl finally leaves job. Girl gets another job, works for two years until she can’t take it anymore. Girl quits job, gets new job and loves it but almost has a nervous breakdown from all the stress, girl leaves job. Girl gets another job, etc., etc., add infinitum... I just thank the gods of inspiration that I finally got published. LOL "

HRC: How difficult would you say it was to have your work first published?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Very! Imagine you're climbing a steep mountain with one leg, hands tied behind your back, over loose rock and impassible boulders, and whenever anything goes wrong, you slide back to the bottom again. Okay, maybe that sounds a little harsh, but I think you get the picture. It took me seven gruelling years, nine manuscripts (A Knight of Passion is my 6th novel), and 128 rejections. So yes, it was difficult."

"Statistics say that at any given moment, there are at least one million people trying to get published in the USA. One million! And with the e-publishing industry on the rise, I would hazard to guess that it's doubled. So that means all these editors and agents are being inundated with manuscripts, much of which (according to various sources) are very bad, or in need of extensive rewriting. Your manuscript is sitting in this huge slush pile, no doubt stacked to the ceiling. How ever are you going to get your work noticed? Not easily. Now, don't get me wrong, I had many literary agents ask to see partials and even complete manuscripts, but never a one took me on. (Actually that's not entirely true, I did sign with an agent - but that's another story.) Luckily, no one told me to seek another career, either. So with each rejection I picked myself up, and started over again. And I certainly could not have succeeded without the unfailing support of my family."

HRC: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Tons. I think I could write a book on it. LOL"

"Read, Read, Read. Read the genre you want to write. Read the classics, read non-fiction, read whatever you can get you hands on. And while your reading, don't just get caught up in the story, but look at how the story is put together, the grammar, the punctuation. Examine the POV, the love scenes, how the words flow. Do the chapter endings leave you hanging? Are you compelled to turn the page? It is mostly through example that we learn."

"Write, Write, Write. As they say, practice makes perfect. Write as often as you can. Whenever you have a spare moment, you should be sitting at your computer or your desk, letting the story flow. Use your fertile imagination. Let the story fly! You can always edit it later. If the story doesn't inspire you, then start another until you find the one that does. And when you complete your first manuscript, celebrate! There's nothing like completing your very first novel. You have just taken a momentous step: instead of just thinking about becoming a writer, to actually being a writer."

"Make your move. I know it's scary, but there comes a time in a writer's life when you have to start sending out your baby. And when you get that first rejection, it will be crushing. But don't let it get you down. No matter how many you get (remember: I got 128, and Louis L'Amour is said to have been rejected 350 times!). On occasion, you'll be lucky enough to get some advice thrown in with that rejection. Don't just ignore the advice. There is a tendency for newbies to think their writing is perfect and 'who the hell do those people think they are anyway?' However, most of the time, their advice is on the money. Heed what you want, and ignore the rest. Your writing will be ever changing, evolving, so be flexible."

"Seek Support. Being a writer is a lonely occupation. Let's face it, writers need solitude to work their craft. Therefore, you need lots of support and encouragement to keep going. Where should that support come from? Your family. If this is your dream, your passion, they should be behind you 100%. It doesn't matter if its your mom or dad, your siblings, your spouse, or your kids. They need to stand behind you and believe in you. Only then can you believe in yourself. If it weren't for the love and support of my mom and dad, telling me not to give up when I was on the verge of quitting numerous times, I doubt I'd be published right now. "

"Another place to get support and put you in the 'know how' is Romance Writers of America. I know, I'd read it so many times from authors that I use to scoff

'What can a group of 9,000 members do for me?' Well, as it turns out, a lot. I was always sceptical, and yet part of me was also curious to find out. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to join. And it was only through the generous support of a very special lady, that I got a sponsored membership. (If you cannot afford the dues as they can be expensive, the RWA has organized a fund to help out. Which I did not learn about until after I was a member.) It is amazing how all of a sudden you discover things about the writing industry you could have never discovered on your own, even through in-depth web searches, and 'how to write' books. Their magazine, the RWR, is great, brimming with marketing info, articles on writing, and more. But the best thing about the RWA is joining a chapter. Or more than one if you can afford it. It is here, in the intimate environment of the chapters that you really find out what's going on in the publishing industry, and advice on how to improve your craft. I joined the RWA in October 2005, and was published in February 2006. Of course, it usually doesn't happen that fast, I already had many years and manuscripts under my belt."

"Be Persistent. If writing is your passion, your dream, if you feel absolutely driven to write, then DO IT! Don't ever give up, because one day, just when you've had about enough of rejection, just when you're contemplating quitting (yet again), just when you are at one of the lowest points in your life, a 'YES' could be waiting just around the corner."

HRC: What is the creative process for you behind writing a romance novel?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Often times a scene will come to me from out of nowhere, and usually while I’m busy doing something else, like vacuuming, washing dishes, having a shower, even dreaming. Several things happen when I get an idea for a new book. Often times the scene will be accompanied with information concerning the main characters."

"For example, when I first became inspired to write A Knight of Passion, it was because of a scenario which came to me. The hero (Reynard) had just escaped the dungeons and had slipped into the heroine’s (Rianna) bed chamber, becoming enthralled by the sleeping woman. Unable to help himself, he kisses her. She wakes up to find a stranger kissing her most passionately, only to soon discover he’s an escaped prisoner. Suddenly guards pound on her chamber door, and she makes the decision to hide him in her wardrobe instead of handing him over to them. (This scene was originally in the book, but has since been removed.)"

"When this idea came to me, I knew I was looking at the hero, who was an escaped prisoner and accused of murder. And the heroine was a shy sweet girl who immediately falls under his seductive spell. Other than that, I didn’t know who these people were or where their story might take them. So when it came time to write about them, I had to do a ton of research: Where and when does the story take place? Who are these people, what are their backgrounds, etc? While I do research for a book, several more scenes will usually come to me, until I have a beginning and ending firmly in mind, with a couple of ideas for the middle. But as I am a Pantser - - that is I write by the seat of my pants *grin* - - I actually don’t outline any of my stories. I simply write them as they come to me, letting the characters lead me along - after all it’s their story. But don’t get me wrong, before I sit down at the computer to write the first chapter, there are several things I must know beforehand: Who the characters are (names, titles, personalities, etc.), their history, the beginning and the ending of the story, and believe it or not, I MUST have a title for the novel to even begin writing. Strange huh?"

"Then I let the story flow and see where it takes me..."

HRC: With A Knight of Passion being your debut book, what has the experience been like for you? Has there been anything in the process that really surprised you?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Oh, I’ve definitely been surprised. LOL "

"When you’re an aspiring writer, all you think about is the "bottom line" - - getting published. It never even occurs to you what happens AFTER you sign the contract - - at least it didn’t occur to me. I had no idea that the moment I signed the contract, I would become busier than I’d ever been before in my life!"

"I’d heard other authors say you really don’t know anything about the writing industry until your first sale. I have to agree. I had no idea I would be promoting like crazy, let alone learning the ropes concerning edits, contracts, etc."

"It’s been a real eye opener."

HRC: I read that you participated in a couple of author chats recently. Tell us about it. How did it go?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Better than I expected."

"The problem with being a new author is it’s imperative you get your name out there - - how else are readers going to discover you and your books. I can tell you I was very nervous for my first live chat at Ecataromance, which I shared with several Samhain Authors. It was difficult for me to just jump in and introduce myself. But I had a little help from some friends who lent their support, making it a success (You know who you are. *wink*). Since my first chat on April 20th, I’ve done several more and have no problem introducing myself and chatting with readers now. I think I could even help out the newbies. LOL "

"Recently, I held my first Author Day Chat at FAR Chatters with a little help from fellow Samhellions (Samhain Authors). It was nearly a disaster. LOL Yahoo (or ‘Ya-hell’ as some have called it) decided to act up, and ate everyone’s posts. Some of my emails which I’d sent at 8:00 am did not arrive until after midnight. However, with much struggling, I was able to chat with readers, post excerpts and even hold a contest. Despite Yahoo bungling everything, I think a good time was had by all. I just hope my next Author Day at Love Romances Café (July 17th) will go much smoother."

HRC: You have quite a romantic book cover for A Knight of Passion. What was it like to see it for the first time?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "It was a real thrill."

"My whole family gathered around the computer screen to stare in awe at my first book cover. LOL"

"I think Scott Carpenter, the cover artist, did a fantastic job capturing not only the essence of the story, but the characters themselves with my KP cover. Already I’ve received compliments over the cover and the book hasn’t even come out yet. *grin*"

HRC: Your characters in A Knight of Passion seem very intriguing. How did you 'find' or create this endearing hero and heroine?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Like I mentioned above, Reynard and Rianna just came to me. I knew Reynard was the true Baron Rothwell, that he’d been imprisoned for murder, yet he was a knight, a man of honour. Just like I knew Rianna was an innocent who made the quick decision to help the escaped prisoner, even though she doesn’t really know who he is - - her betrothed. As I did research into who they were, i.e. their backgrounds, they really started to develop into complete and complex characters."

HRC: What era in history intrigues you most?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "I love the Middle Ages. Medieval England, Scotland, France, etc., is such a fascinating time because virtually anything can happen. An army might march upon a castle and lay siege, a Lady might be kidnapped, or "sold" by the king to the lord willing to pay the highest bride price. A noble knight might be wrongly declared a traitor, or might come to a distressed damsel’s rescue. And there are so many historical events to draw upon, the stories one could write for the Middle Ages are endless."

"Recently, I’ve come to love the Georgian Era of England as well (1700s). After doing much research, I realize it was truly a golden age. England was finally shedding it’s Medieval skin, yet they were on the cusp of the Industrial Revolution. Women were considered to be intelligent, and openly discussed science, politics, etc. They even went on Grand Tours like the men. Men were strong yet elegant. The slightest insult could result in a duel. It was the Age of Reason, a very decadent time, which makes for some very exciting and sexy stories."

HRC: Which romance genre, historical or contemporary, do you like best and why? Do you write both? Have you ever considered writing an historical paranormal?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "I love history, and therefore historical romance. I love the fact you can escape into this other world so completely different from our present society. Where men were men, and women were women. Where chivalry, honour, and nobility were ideals people lived and died by - - instead of being merely quaint or outdated concepts (as they’re often viewed today)."

"I don’t see myself writing contemporary because I have little interest in it - - I’m living it everyday. Some authors have been inspired by it, but it’s not for me. Although, to be perfectly honest, I do read contemporary stories on occasion. There are some great ones out there."
"I have ideas to write a couple of vampire historical romances. I love vampires, so I really want to add my own ideas to the legend. Plus I recently had a great idea for a fantasy romance series which would take place in another time, on another world. I hope to bring these ideas to life in the next few years."

HRC: When you are not immersed in creating your own fantastic realms, are there romance writers whom you read? Which authors have inspired you in your own writing?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Oh, I have a HUGE list of Authors I read and those who’ve inspired me."

"I’ll try to name a few: Teresa Medeiros, Marsha Canham (her work inspired a couple of my stories), Virginia Henley, Bertrice Small, Jo Beverley (she inspired me to write my own Georgian series), Kathleen E. Woodiwiss (inspired me with her book The Wolf and the Dove), Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Johanna Lindsey, Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Karen Marie Moning, Sherilyn Kenyon, Liz Carlyle, Cheryl Holt, Nicole Jordan, Gaelen Foley, Anya Bast, Jaide Fox, Tielle St. Clare, etc. There’s probably a ton of authors I’ve forgotten - - sorry ladies."

"I’m always adding new authors to my To Buy List. LOL"

HRC: I've learned that your father is your manager. He must be quite proud of you. How was it telling him you're having your first book published? Are there other members of your family involved in your career?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Oh, my entire family is involved in my career. My dad is my manager, adviser, and at-home-editor. My mom is my cheerleader, local publicist (she takes great delight in telling everyone she meets I’m published *wink*), and at-home-editor. Even my faithful German Shepherd, Siega, is involved in her own way. She follows me as I move about the house, keeps me company, and doesn’t let me out of her sight. She forces me to take a break now and then, which I’d likely skip if it weren’t for her. Her noble and loyal spirit often inspires me, and one time she was even the inspiration for a dog who appeared in one of my stories. *grin* "

"Funny thing is, the day before I got ‘the Call’, I was so depressed, so down in the dumps, I was ready to quit writing - - again. On the morning of February 22, 2006, I dragged my butt out of bed, and decided to check my email (which I often do before breakfast). And there in the inbox shining like a beacon of hope, a ray of sunshine, was an email from my editor offering me a contract for A Knight of Passion. I was so thrilled I leapt out of my chair and bounced down the hallway. My dad thought the house was coming down at first, until I was able to stop grinning and shouting incoherently enough to tell him I’d finally gotten published. Yes, to say the least, my mom and dad are very proud of me."

HRC: What would you say is the most difficult thing about writing?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "If you’d asked me a few months ago, I would have said editing, without hesitation. But now I realize editing is an author’s best friend so to speak. It is through editing that our stories shine, though it’s still difficult. LOL "

"However, now I would have to say the waiting is the worst. Waiting for the contract, waiting for the edits, waiting for the book release, waiting for the reviews, waiting for reader feedback, waiting for... well you get the idea. Waiting is the most difficult part of writing, at least so far, that’s what I’ve discovered."

HRC: What would you say is the best thing about writing?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "I think the best thing is becoming immersed in the story, in a world of your own creation. You become so wrapped up in your writing, your characters, you feel every emotion, hate, anger, love, passion. I love getting lost in my stories. I love it when I can write a winter scene on a scorching summer day, and hot summer scene in the middle of winter, huddled beneath a pile of blankets while my breath frosts. That’s what writing is all about."

HRC: Is there anything more you would like to share with us?

Ingela F. Hyatt: "Yes. I would like to announce that my debut novel, A Knight of Passion (ISBN 1-59998-114-9), an Erotic historical romance, comes out on July 25th. And because of my debut release, I’m going to be very busy this month."

HRC: Thank you so much for sharing your new book and some insights into your world with us!

This interview was posted with permission from

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Favorite Quotes #6

"I've worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty."
~ Groucho Marx, Monkey Business

Monday, July 03, 2006

Battle of the Blogs

Okay, so my family thinks I'm a little crazy. (Nothing new there. LOL) But why you ask...

Well, I wasn't satisfied with my first blog, so I've created this one. Mainly because I'm a perfectionist and I want to do things my way -- i.e. create my own graphics, etc.

So I've started this blog at Blogspot which has all the same articles as the first one, just my own graphics.

Now what I want to know is which of my two blogs do you like best?

Do you prefer flashy with substance or subtle with substance? *grin*

You tell me. If you like this blog better please leave a comment.

If you like my first blog, leave a comment there.

To view my first blog Click Here.

I want to hear from you.

Ingela :)

A Knight of Passion Release Day Party!

To celebrate the release of my debut novel, A Knight of Passion, I’m holding an all day Author Party at my Romantic Ramblings Newsletter & Chat Yahoo! Group on July 25th.

Win Lots of Prizes.
Read never before seen Excerpts.
Chat with me and fellow readers.

Plus, I’ll be announcing the big winner of my A Knight of Passion & Victoria’s Secret Contest!
Join the Party, July 25th, from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern (8:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific).

So come celebrate the release of my Erotic Historical Romance with me!

Click Here to sign up.


New Release Date for A Knight of Passion

Recently I found out that my publisher moved back A Knight of Passion’s release, from July 18th, to July 25th. Ugh! As it turns out, my book was not the only one effected by a recent change at Samhain. But I’ve been assured that July 25th is the final date for release.

So mark your calendars for July 25, 2006: A Knight of Passion’s debut...

We’ve less than a month to wait. Woohoo!

Book Review: Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna

Being the Editor, Webmistress and Senior Reviewer for Historical Romance Club, you might assume I don't read a lot of contemporary romances—you'd be right—considering I have approximately 300 historicals sitting on my bookshelves and only 6 contemporary. But having become a published author with Samhain Publishing, I find myself frequently checking out the coming soon page, looking at more than just the progress of my book.

When I read the blurb for Blackmailed, I knew I had to buy this one. Why you ask—could it be my weakness for menage et tois? I don't know, but my interest was piqued. This book is definitely not for the faint of heart, and will certainly keep your eyes glued to the screen. *wink*

Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna is not just hot—it's SCORCHING! I mean I was fearful my computer was going to go into melt down at any moment. Not only are the love scenes hot, hot, hot, but the writing flows and the characterization is superb. I thought the chemistry between Cole, Brianna, and Tyler seemed very real. Each character remained individual—having their own quarks, likes and dislikes—yet as a whole, they complimented each other perfectly. But it was more than the explicit love scenes and enticing characters which clenched it for me—it was the intrigue. McKenna took a good story and made it great one with her movie style action/suspense sequences. If I was reviewing this for Historical Romance Club, I would give Blackmailed 5 out of 5 stars for the review rating and 5 roses for—it's so erotic, you'll need to find a man and quick! *wink* I guarantee you, I'll be looking out for Annmarie McKenna's future releases.

Movie Review: Fun with Dick and Jane

As you have probably guessed from my various "Favorite Quotes", I’m a movie nut. Like books, movies are a great way to immerse yourself in other realms or places, while leaving your troubles behind. And isn’t that what we all want – to leave our troubles behind?
Recently, I’ve seen several remakes of older movies which left me cold. Quite often I found myself thinking: "what was wrong with the original, it was perfect!" (I know, everyone’s a critic. *wink*) But I was completely taken by surprise with the new Fun with Dick and Jane (2005) staring Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni. I love Jim Carrey’s humor, but recently I’d been disappointed with his last couple of movies - - not so with this one.

Fun with Dick and Jane is not only uproarious, but heart warming, and just plain fun. Carrey and Leoni play Dick and Jane Harper, an upper middle class husband and wife, content in their high paying jobs, Spanish speaking maid and their very aware son - - life is good. And it gets even better when Dick gets an executive promotion within the company, allowing Jane to quit her hated job. But it doesn’t last long as Dick is made the patsy when the company goes bankrupt. Watching these two kind and timid characters hesitantly get involved in a life of crime is hilarious. I was happy to see Carrey back to his old form, making this a very funny and sweet movie. As they become more successful in their crime spree, they decide to take on the real crook, Dick’s former boss and CEO, Jack McCallister. I absolutely loved the ending - - the way these two get revenge is perfect.

Not only was the acting good, the sight-gags funny, but the writing and editing made this movie a joy to watch.

If you’re looking for a funny movie that can be viewed by the whole family, I highly recommend Fun with Dick and Jane.

Favorite Quotes #5

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence... Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."

~ Calvin Coolidge

From Mainstream to Erotic

I have a confession to make: I love sex! Okay, so I’m willing to bet my confession isn’t that big of a deal. I imagine the majority of the population of the world loves sex - if they didn’t we humans wouldn’t be here right now. But for the last seven years I’ve been writing my romances for the mainstream market, meaning that though my novels had steamy, even explicit love scenes, I never went overboard on the sexual language. So you can imagaine my surprise when my editor at Samhain suggested I change my steamy love scenes to erotic. Erotic? What’s erotic? (I kinda felt like Ralphie in the movie A Christmas Story when Santa suggests he’d like to have a football for Christmas. "A football? What’s a football? . . . Wake up stupid!") So now I was suddenly in a panic. I don’t know why, since I’d read tons of erotica, had been reviewing it for Historical Romance Club for the last couple of years. I knew exactly the kind of terms they use. But I was in a delema. I had to revise my entire manuscript, which included rewriting my love scenes, transforming them into erotic. My editor said I could go either way, but knowing that erotica was selling like hot cakes and had even taken the big NY Publishers by storm, I knew it was the direction I wanted to go. But what to do?

I have always felt that the love scene in a romance is the culmination of love between the hero and heroine. Making them explicit would just be plain fun. But now I had to decide what discriptive words to use. I was already using c**k (as in rooster), but I had always shied away from p***y (cat), instead using other discriptive words that merely beat around the bush (no pun intended LOL). However there are certain words I would never use, just because they aren’t sensual or romantic enough for me like c**t and d**k, etc. So after turning to my fellow writers at my HHRW chapter, and getting many great suggestions (thank you Ladies!), I was ready to convert from steamy to erotic. It was actually an odd experience changing the language, like I was loosing my innocence in a way (which I haven’t had in years) and yet at the same time it was very liberating. I do have one rule though: Whenever a love scene is in the heroine’s POV, I make sure her thoughts are more innoccent, especially if she’s a virgin and it takes place in the 1100s, as opposed to the hero: an older man with experience who seems to be horny as hell. *grin*.

So now I’m fully in the erotic frame of mind, ready to edit my past stories and write future ones for the erotic romance genre. Will I ever return to sweet, steamy mainstream? Only time will tell.

My First Author Day @ FAR Chatters

Just my luck. My first Author Day and Yahoo! (or ‘Yahell’ as some have called it) decides to act up and eat all my posts. *sigh* Not only my posts, but of all the guest authors whom I’d invited to share the day with me, not to mention readers. I had to laugh when I saw about twenty of my posts which I’d sent at 8:00am, didn’t arrive until midnight.

But besides that little glitch, a good time was had by all. Some of my posts did get through and I was able to chat with readers and post excerpts, etc.

I would like to thank everyone who participated, considering it was rather difficult, and I’m glad everyone stuck it out. *wink*

I would also like to announce the winners of my Author Day Contest Quiz.

Lisa Thompson won the Promo Goodie Pack: An autographed t-shirt version of A Knight of Passion’s cover, signed bookmark, postcard, fridge magnet and pen.

Michelle (chell68dh) won a $10.00 Gift Certificate from Samhain Publishing’s My Bookstore and More.

Tara Fitz won a $5.00 Gift Certificate from My Bookstore and More.

Congratulations ladies, I hope you enjoy your prizes.

Another Step Closer to A Knight of Passion’s Release Day

I was happy to discover, the other day, Samhain Publishing has finally posted the blurb for A Knight of Passion on their website.

Click Here to check it out!

Yeah, Baby!

I’m counting down the days. Only 49 days, 11 hours, and 38 minutes to go. Woo-hoo!

Ingela’s First Author Day at FAR Chatters!

I’m excited to announce I’m holding my first all-day Author Day at Fallen Angels Review Chatters’ Yahoo Group on June 12th from 9:00am to 9:00pm (or later) Eastern (6am to 6pm Pacific).

I’ll be chatting with readers, posting some excerpts, and giving away prizes. Plus I’m going to be joined by several Samhain Authors like: Dee Tenorio, Alexis Fleming, Bianca D’Arc, Rene Lyons, and others.

So be sure to drop in and join the Party!

Click Here to Join FAR Chatters.

Novelspotter Chat & Contest

On May 23rd, I hosted an hour on the Novelspotters Yahoo Group and had a riot chatting with readers, and holding a contest.

I would like to thank everyone who dropped in to talk, and for participating in my Novelspotters Contest.

Congratulations to the two winners:

Heather M. Riley who won a Goodie Prize Pack: An autographed T-shirt version of A Knight of Passion’s cover, signed bookmark, postcard, fridge magnet, and pen.


Alicia Flores, who won a $10.00 Gift Certificate to Samhain Publishing’s My Bookstore and More, plus promo goodies.

Congrats Ladies, enjoy!

Surprise Birthday Contest

On May 22nd, I held my first Surprise Birthday Contest on my Romantic Ramblings Newsletter. Whose birthday was it? Mine. *wink*

I thought, why not celebrate my birthday by holding a Contest!! Woo-hoo!
It was a great success. I would like to congratulate KimW for winning Marriage Most Scandalous by Johanna Lindsey.

Congrats Kim, I hope you enjoy the book!

Now, don’t anyone ask me how old I am–for I’ll never tell. *wink*

Special Mother’s Day Contest

Besides chatting up a storm with fellow Ramblers (members of my Romantic Ramblings Newsletter), I’ve also been sneaking in surprise Contests where Ramblers can win fabulous prizes. *wink*

I would like to congratulate CathieCaffey for winning Carolina Isle by Jude Deveraux plus promo goodies for my Special Mother’s Day Contest.

Congrats Cathie!

Come Chat with Ingela & Win Prizes

Yes, I know I've been rather remise in posting to my blog for the last couple of weeks. But between edits, deadlines, and promotion, I can never seem to find time to do anything. Ah well, it's the price for being published—not that I'm complaining. *wink*

However, I am having another Author Chat at Novelspotters this evening between 10:00 - 11:00 pm Eastern (7:00 - 8:00 pm Pacific). I'll be posting excerpts from A Knight of Passion, chating with readers, giving away prizes and more...

would love to see you there...

To sign up for the party, Click Here.

Romantic Ramblings Newsletter

The first issue of Romantic Ramblings Newsletter has been posted to my Yahoo Group. Subscribers can enjoy excerpts, fun stuff, news & events, and the Hunk of the Month. Plus a special subscriber-only contest—where I randomly give away a romance novel (ebook, paperback or hard cover) each month! Plus other goodies. To join the Romantic Ramblings Newsletter and chat group, Click Here.

Author Day at the Samhain Cafe

On Saturday, May 6, I particpated in the Author Day at the Samhain Cafe, and had loads of fun! I would like to thank everyone who stopped by. I had a riot talking to readers, answering questions and posting excerpts from A Knight of Passion.

I would also like to congratulate AmySmith98 who won an autographed, t-shirt version of my book cover.

Enjoy Amy!

Chat with Ingela and the Samhellions May 6th

No it's not a rock group *grin*, it's a chat with me and my fellow Samhain Authors. We are having an author day at the SamhainCafe. I'll be chatting with readers on May 6th, 7:00 - 8:00 pm Eastern Time (4:00 - 5:00 pm Pacific). Plus I'll be posting special excerpts from A Knight of Passion, giving away prizes and more. Be sure to sign up.

I'd love to see you there.

Ecataromance Chat

I’m happy to announce I participated in my first chat at Ecataromance on April 20th, and it was a riot!

Actually, it was quite crazy with readers and authors all talking at the same time. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if the question I was answering was directed at me or someone else. But that was part of the fun. I posted a special excerpt from A Knight of Passion that’s not on my website or blog, and gave away an instant chat prize of an autographed t-shirt with the cover of my debut novel printed on it.

I would like to say congratulations to Jenny9996 who won the instant contest prize. Enjoy!

I would also like to thank everyone who participated. I can’t wait for the next chat, and hope to see you all there.


To celebrate the July release of my debut novel I'm holding a contest!

Enter for a chance to win a $25.00 Gift Certificate from Victoria's Secret, plus a copy of A Knight of Passion.How cool is that! *grin*

Click on the URL below, and fill out the form

It's that easy. Contest closes

July 25, 2006.

Good Luck!

A Knight of Passion

A Knight of Passion By Ingela F. Hyatt
Ebook: July 2006

ISBN: 1-59998-114-9
Length: Novel
Price: $5.50
Samhain Publishing

He is a desperate prisoner escaped from the dungeons...

Lord Reynard de Fauconer knows he must flee or risk his cousin's wraith for murdering his woman: Maggie of Maidwell. But when he slips into the deserted chamber, he never dreams he will find a woman so exquisite as to be a goddess. Temping every one of his iron clad convictions.
Lady Rianna de Tremonde has come to marry her betrothed, but when she glimpses the prisoner's eyes, revels in his kisses, she is enthralled. She is powerless to do anything but help the man, for reasons unknown even to her, unable to bear the thought of him coming to harm. Instead of watching the knight ride off into the dawn, she suddenly finds herself kidnapped! But the more time she spends in her captor's company, the more she finds herself wanting to again experience his touch, his kisses, until they are both consumed by the flames of desire.

As they race across England, battling brigands and escaping his cousin's men, Reynard finds himself succumbing to the passions prodding him, unable to resist Rianna's allure. With hidden foes plotting his demise, and the dark secrets of his past, does he dare intrust her with his heart?
Or will his passion kill again?

KP’s Fabulous Cover!

I am thrilled to announce that not only has the very talented artist, Scott Carpenter, created a fantastic cover for my debut novel, but it is now on display at Samhain’s July Coming Soon page - making it official. Three months and counting until A Knight of Passion’s release. I can’t wait!

Come Chat with Ingela...

I'm excited to announce that I'll be participating in my first Author Chat, along with several other Samhain Authors, at on April 20th, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time - North America). Mark your calendars and come join me and my fellow authors:

Vicki Gaia
Bianca D'Arc
Anne Whitfield

A Knight of Passion Release Dates

I’m excited to officially announce A Knight of Passion’s release dates:

Ebook: July 18, 2006
Paperback: October 17, 2006

So mark you calendars for my erotic historical romance. And check out Samhain Publishing’s coming soon page for more info. It’s official baby, yeah!

Favorite Quotes #4

"It’s like everywhere there’s something."

~ Max Hyatt

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Waiting Game: Will it ever end?

I’ve been published, what, three weeks now? (I don’t know if signing a contract is considered being published, but for arguments sake we’ll say it is.) And already I feel like running through the house screaming and ripping out my hair. Why? Because I have to sit and wait, yet again. I’ve found that being a writer means you wait.

While you’re trying to get published, you wait for the rejections to come flying through the mail or email, which can take up to five months (or more!) to receive. There are some queries I sent out three years ago and I’m still waiting for a response. (Of course by now, I’m willing to bet they’re rejections.) Finally, when you get in contact with an editor and they show interest and ask for revisions, you do them as quickly as possible, and send them in only to have to wait some more. (This waiting is of course accompanied with much cursing, nail biting, and gnashing of teeth.) Then the wonderful day arrives and you get a contract! Yippee! So you sign the contract, and do you know what happens next? - you wait.

You wait to hear back from your overworked editor who not only has to deal with your impatience, but all her other authors, plus new submissions. I know for a fact my editor is inundated with new submissions, no doubt every week, which can only mean her work pile is getting higher and higher. Meanwhile, I’m sitting at home, grinding my teeth, waiting (there’s that word again) for the first edits to arrive. And once all the editing is done, then I’ll be waiting to see the cover, and then I’ll be waiting for the book to come out, and then I’ll be waiting for the reviews to arrive . . . as you can see the waiting never ends.

You’d think with all the waiting I’ve done for the last seven years, I’d be use to it by now. But for some reason this time feels different. Maybe it’s because this is my first book and I’m anxious to see something happen. To have proof that I finally succeeded. I imagine in the future, the waiting will be easier to handle once I know what to expect. But for now, I have to grin and bare it. (*snort* More like complain.) So what can I do to end my ‘waiting blues’? Well, I can start working on my latest manuscript, that’s what. Which I will, once all my other responsibilities are done. And I’m willing to bet just as I start to really get into working on my ms, the edits will arrive. Because that’s Murphy’s Law. *grin*

Being a writer is a lot like the military: you hurry up and wait.

Samhain Print Books picked up by Borders & Waldenbooks...

I have some thrilling news to impart:

Besides printing their most recent eBook releases, Samhain Publishing just announced that their print books are going to be on the shelves of Borders and Waldenbooks very soon.

Check out these great releases in a story near you:

Stud Finders Incorperated by Alexis Fleming
Loup Garou by Mandy M. RothForever
Again by Shannon StaceyCongratulations Ladies!

Congratulations Ladies!

The ball’s rolling....

I just filled out the cover art form and blurb sheet for A Knight of Passion. Coming up with different ideas for the cover was a lot of fun. *grin* I can’t wait to see what the artist comes up with. (May the cover gods bless me.) Once the blurb is approved by my editor, I’ll be posting it right here. Next week I’m suppose to get my first edits. Can’t wait to see what that’s all about.

Newly published author Alexandra Benedict (A Forbidden Love) told me "The euphoria lasts a long time." Well if it does, I plan on enjoying every minute of it. LOL

Finally, it feels like the ball is on a roll.

Favorite Quotes #2

"You are the poster child of persistence, Ingela!"

~ Shari Anton, Romance Author

Write What You Know...

When I first started writing romances, I had heard the age old adage just like everyone else: Write what you know. Okay. I thought that sounded like good advice. And what did I know? Well, I had learned a whole bunch by reading historical romance novels, especially medieval - I’ve always had a soft spot for knights in shining armour *grin* - and I’d done lots of research on the Vikings and their history for sheer interest sake. So when I sat down to write my first romance novel, I started one about Vikings in Scotland. The usual pillaging and plundering, with my Viking hero stealing a beautiful Scottish lass, and whisking her away to his lair where he would "persuade" her to fall in love with him. But for some reason after five chapters the story died. I had nothing. Zip. My inspiration just up and left. But I was determined to write a romance. So next I tried a Viking/Irish story, where a beautiful young woman who is actually an Irish Princess, is kidnapped and thrown into slavery, and there the Viking hero buys her and bends her to his will only to fall in love with her. Sounds like a good story right? Apparently not, for again, my muse died after one chapter. I can tell you I was starting to get worried.

At this time in my life I was experiencing a turbulent love affair. And when the whole mess was finally over, I was left completely heart broken, depressed and angry. I was in emotional hell. And then in a flash of inspiration, a story came to me, of a medieval young woman (much like myself) who experiences heart break at the hands of the man she loves, only to be re-united with him several years later to find she still loves him. Of course in the book, those two got to have a happy ending (unlike my own life). But I was amazed as page after page, and chapter after chapter flowed out of me. Of course, I must confess that all my life I have used writing to express my happiness, pain, or sorrow. And this was no exception. But it was through this story, which became my first novel that I truly understood the saying "Write what you know". It doesn’t mean to write about all that research you’ve been doing for the last three months on Scottish history, but to draw upon your own experiences, to borrow from the people around you and write it into the story of your heart. I can attest that each and every one of my novels is filled with my blood, sweat and tears, not to mention the experiences of those I know or have known. Because I finally experienced fierce love, passion, and heart break, I was able to write about it. If I hadn’t, I doubt I’d be writing romances right now.

Write what you know - good words to write by...

Favorite Quotes #1

"The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here! . . . Things are going to start happening to me now!"

~ Steve Martin, from The Jerk

What's a Samhellion?

Samhellion is a tongue-in-cheek nick name for an author who writes for Samhain Publishing. Who started it or why, I haven't a clue, I'll have to get back to you on that.

Welcome to my Blog

Since I'm new to the whole Blog experience, I really don't know what the purpose of my blog will be. Whether it becomes fun and light hearted, or serious (or perhaps a little of both), only time will tell. I do plan to share my thoughts on writing (as it is my life and has been for the last seven years), writing articles for both aspiring and published writers, as well as sharing my experiences in the publishing industry as a newbie, and hopefully one day as an old timer. And from time to time, I'll share with you some of my favorite things like: music, movies, books, food, etc.

My plans for the moment are to start categories such as:

Quote of the Week - humorous or serious quotes from movies, books, famous people, other writers, even members of my family - whatever catches my fancy.

What I'm Reading Now - whether I'm pleasure reading (which is rare these days), doing research, or reviewing for my alternate website, Historical Romance Club (HRC), I'll let you know what books grab my attention, amuse or inspire me.

New at HRC - A quick note to let you know what's happening at Historical Romance Club: the latest reviews, interviews with new and favorite authors, contests, and more.

Of course I'll let you know what's happening with my own books: release dates, cover art, special excerpts, contests, etc. And from time to time, I'm hoping to lure guest bloggers - authors you know and love as well as upcoming stars - to stir things up. I love to hear from readers too, so feel free to add your questions and comments.

Pull up a chair, grab yourself a hot cup of joe and start reading. :)