Sunday, February 21, 2010


I've been dying to buy a souvenir from the Olympic Games, because they have been absolutely amazing! Watched the Opening Ceremonies with my Mom in surround sound (it was almost like being there...a BIG almost...LOL), and the Canadian Athletes have also been amazing...  

The whole world seems to be celebrating this beautiful and inspiring country right along with us.

And since it's the Canada vs USA Hockey Game tonight, I'd thought I would actually splurge (hard for me to do) and buy this replica jersey to watch the game in...and what happens? Canada loses 3 to 5... *shakes head* 

Oh the humanity! (LOL) But do not despair! Canada has a resilient spirit--never say die--and I know our Men's hockey team will KICK BUTT and will end up playing for Gold... *crosses fingers*

Regardless of what happens...I have to say the level of pride I feel, not only in our athletes, but in Canada as a nation, has never been stronger.  This is a beautiful country and I'm so proud to be living in it!  Though my Dad wasn't born here, I know he loved it too...


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