Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Romance Reviews: Howling at the Moon by Karen MacInerney

Sophie Garou has it all: she's an auditor at a top accounting firm in Austin, her boss is considering her for partnership, she has clothes to die for, and she has a gorgeous lawyer boyfriend who could be a GQ Cover Model and wants to marry her. She only has one tiny, teeny problem...she's a werewolf. Not to mention, her mother is a physic witch who owns the Sit A Spell new age store. Life is good, as long as Sophie drinks plenty of wolfsbane tea (which prevents her from changing at the most inconvenient moments), she constantly shaves her legs, stays away from the other werewolves living in Austin (thankfully the werewolf population is small), and she's able to escape a couple of days a month for the full moon. 

In fact, everything is just peachy until she arrives at work one day to find a strange care package waiting for her. The problem? Besides the awful poetry, somebody knows what she is and is threatening to expose her. As if that weren't bad enough, Sophie gets a phone call from one of the employees at the Sit A Spell..her mother has been arrested for the murder of Ted Brewster, a city councilman. Her mother might be a little crazy but she certainly isn't a murderer. Sophie figures the day can't get any worse, when on the way to the courthouse, she comes face to face with her first werewolf sighting in Austin. And what a werewolf! He's a gorgeous Norse god with long blond hair, piercing amber eyes and a body that makes her drool. She knows instant lust, it hits her like a ton of bricks. And he sees her! Which means if he's a part of a pack, then lone wolf Sophie is in big trouble. 

Why do the police think Sophie's mom killed Brewster? Because the Love Potion he purchased from Sit A Spell, poisoned him. But Sophie knows her mother is too good of a witch to make such a terrible mistake. In fact, Sophie's mom comes from a long line of Romanian gypsy witches, and her potions and spells are her legacy--one that Sophie doesn't share. After bailing her mother out, Sophie and her best friend, Lindsey, decide to join her mother's séance in hopes of bringing Brewster's ghost back from the other side and find out who really killed him. Depending on your point of view, it goes better than expected, Brewster does come back, but Sophie doesn't understand his clues--apparently he doesn't know who killed him... Still something is better than nothing, especially when Sophie has to come up with the real murderer and fast. And who should show up at her mother's store? THE werewolf! Not only is he as drop dead gorgeous up close and personal, but he definitely remembers Sophie. Tom Fenris is one yummy bad wolf and now Lindsey wants to date him. Problem is, having been abandoned by her father when she was just a pup, Sophie has no idea if Tom plans to take Lindsey out to dinner, or eat her for dinner. 

Where is Sophie the day of the full moon? In Austin. First she has to give a presentation to a potential new client interested in the accounting firm, and Sophie's boss will except nothing short of her death to get out of the meeting. Then, Sophie's boyfriend has planned a romantic dinner to celebrate the anniversary of their first date, and he won't take no for an answer. What is a werewolf to do? Take lots and lots and lots of wolfsbane tea, which has the unfortunate side of effect of giving Sophie a rubber tongue, hot flashes, and hallucinations. Not to mention, Sophie isn't any closer to figuring out who murdered Brewster, nor does she know who's sending those atrocious care packages... Will Sophie ever get her mom off the hook? Will she stop whoever is threatening to expose her wild side? And how will she ever cope with her fierce attraction to Tom when Lindsay's dating him? 

Howling at the Moon by Karen MacInerney is a fast paced, sassy ride with plenty of laugh-out-loud humour. Sophie maybe young, attractive, and a real go-getter, but she's also a werewolf. And though she tries hard to ignore her wolfy nature, it keeps coming back to bite her in the ass. Heath is her human boyfriend, who hasn't a clue that she gets hairy on the full moon, and she wants to keep it that way. Tom is one hot, hot, HOT werewolf, with a mysterious past and a deep interest in Sophie. But Sophie wants nothing to do with him despite the searing kisses they share. I loved getting to know Sophie Garou and all her foibles. The writing is strong and flowing, and the ending left me wanting more. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. Keep them coming, Ms. MacInerney!

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