Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Winners of the Blythe Gifford Contest!

I would like to congratulate: catslady for winning a signed copy of Blythe Gifford's latest historical romance: In the Master's Bed

In addition to the above prize, I'm giving away two bonus prizes. Two copies of the re-released ebook of A Knight of Passion!

Congrats to the AKOP ebook winners: The Blackraven and Martha Lawson. 

WINNERS: To claim your prize, please email me ( author @ ingelahyatt (dot) com - you know how to make it work ;) with your blogger ID, real name, and email address.

I would like to thank Blythe Gifford for taking the time to answer questions and donating a prize, and I'd like to thank everyone who left comments.

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  • At 12:04 PM, Blogger catslady said…

    Oh, thanks so very much. Going to send my info now :)


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