Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Reasons why I DIDN’T go to the RT Booklovers Convention:

1. I wanted to stay home and spend time with my family.

2. The cat was sick.

3. I went to Hawaii instead.

4. I can save a whole lot of money and just drink at home.

5. Who wants genuine Tex Mex when I can just drive to the nearest Taco Bell and go “south of the border.”

6. The dog was sick

7. Joy of Joyfully reviewed scares me.

8. I had to come up with an idea for my next TT list, so I thought I’d stay home.

9. I wanted to stay and participate in the “I’m not going to RT Home Alone” Party at the Samhain Café – which was a riot after all, and probably just as much fun as RT if not better.

10. I didn’t have a costume for the fairy ball, or the cowboy vampire ball, or the fantasy ball, or...

11. Getting snot-slinging drunk and singing karoke off key is NOT my idea of fun.

12. On the way to the airport, a silo exploded knocking out the power just as the blizzard hit – so all flights were cancelled.

13. Half naked hunky cover models? Bah! Who wants to see gorgeous, hunky, half naked cover models?!

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