Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Bizarre Traditions of a Mad Writer / Ask Ingela

D.G. asks: I would like to know if you have any traditions when you write.
Do you mean like stripping naked, lathering myself with whipping cream and running around my computer desk counter clockwise three times, chanting: "I am the thing from Uranus!"? Nope, I don't do anything unusual if that's what you're asking... *glances around innocently*

D.G. asks: What books are on your keeper shelf?
Well, I do have over 300 books on my keeper shelf, so I can't list them all, but I will list a few of my favorites, ones which have really affected me or inspired me... The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Devilish by Jo Beverley, Lady of Conquest by Teresa Medeiros, The Last Arrow by Marsha Canham, The Blood of Roses by Marsha Canham, Bride of the Beast by Sue-Ellen Welfonder, The Romantic by Madeline Hunter...

D.G. asks: How about your favorite authors? They do rather go together those last two questions.
Just like I have so many books on my keeper shelf, there are so many great authors out there... I'll try naming a few in no particular order: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Jo Beverley, Bertrice Small, Virginia Henley, Teresa Medeiros, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Mary Balogh, Julia Ross, Karen Marie Moning, Liz Carlyle, Gaelen Foley, Marsha Canham, Connie Brockway, Connie Mason, Jude Devereaux, Sabrina Jeffries, Julia Quinn, Eloisa James... the list goes on and on.

Thanks for asking D.G.


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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ASK INGELA and You Could WIN!

When I first started blogging, I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d be posting. Sure it’s fun to read about my latest reviews, interviews, etc., but I want something more. That’s why I’ve started a new section called ASK INGELA.

I want YOU, the reader, to email me exciting and interesting questions... they can be about my writing, my books, how I became a mixed up teenage zombie from outer space, if I was a cereal what would I be, etc.

Your questions can be serious or humorous, it doesn’t matter to me. And I will try to answer everyone of them, as long as they are A) not of a personal nature, B) don’t spoil the various twists and plots in my books. Please, no more than three questions per email. Not only will I answer your questions, but I will randomly post questions and answers on my blog for all the world to see (using only the submitter’s initials, of course).

Plus each reader who emails me a question will be eligible to win an autographed A Knight of Passion T-shirt and goodies!

So flex those fingers, put on your thinking cap, and ask away!

Send your questions to (remember max. 3 questions per email): Ask@IngelaHyatt.com

Be sure to check my blog to see the latest postings.

The prize winner will be chosen on December 31, 2006

JERR gives A Knight of Passion 4/5 Stars

"A Knight of Passion...kept me captivated... Ms. Hyatt has an amazing talent at making a scenario seem vividly real... Overall, the plot and amazing story-telling ability of Ms. Hyatt drew me into the story and kept me intrigued by all the many plotlines. If you are a reader who enjoys historical romances, A Knight of Passion is a wonderful book choice for you."
~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews, 4/5 star review

5 Hearts for A Knight of Passion

"Ms Hyatt has developed an intriguing plot that twists and turns. Her characters are colorful and multi-dimensional. This story doesn’t pull any punches. The loves scenes are sizzling hot, very passionate and romantic. The villain is truly evil and commits such atrocities. The ending of this story will have the reader reaching for a hanky and give her some warm fuzzies... a story well worth the read."
~ Love Romances and More, 5 heart review

Sunday, August 13, 2006

4.5 Blue Ribbons for A KNIGHT OF PASSION!!!

I can't believe it! I got 4.5 blue ribbons from Romance Junkies in A Knight of Passion's first review! Woohoo. You know I'm doing the snoopy dance. *grin*

"A KNIGHT OF PASSION is a thrilling tale packed with jealousy, murder, love and lust; it encapsulates everything that readers of historical romance could desire. The rich and colorful scenes drew me into the novel, capturing my imagination totally. It truly is difficult to imagine that this is Ms. Hyatt’s debut book. She writes with a depth of emotion that is a wonder to read and demonstrates an enchanting imagination. The story is strong and compelling, but when combined with the erotic love scenes it is undeniably outstanding. Ms. Hyatt weaves a magically descriptive and dramatic tale that will have readers hungry for more."

---Deborah Kimpton, Romance Junkies Reviewer

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